If you have been smoking for some time now, you body has become accustomed to nicotine. So while you try to quit smoking, you are surely to face some kind of side effects. What are the side effects of quitting smoking? Wait before you think they are harmful to your body! They are nothing but just withdrawal symptoms which are called the side effects. They are going to cause you no harm.

In fact smokers who try methods to help stop smoking are doing well to them. They lose weight; have a healthy heart and body free from nicotine which can be responsible for memory loss. Some withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking are – feeling anxious all the time, some kind of confusion, depression, irritable, slow heartbeat, increase appetite, bowel irregularities and some other kind of discomfort. But such side effects are temporary. If you can bear them for one week or so you can kick the butt forever in your life.