Quitting the butt is the toughest thing for a smoker! Smokers find it very difficult to stop smoking because of different factors. But if it is planned well and you have determination, quitting the smoking habit would be an easy task. Here are few tips to quit smoking forever

  • First get ready and prepare yourself that you are really quitting the butt.
  • Tell your friends and family members your plan and seek their support. Emotional support plays a very important role in quit smoking.
  • Learn to handle stress. Stress is inevitable when you quit smoking. You will find cigarette irresistible
    If required take help of medications or chewing gums.
  • It will take some time to over come the withdrawal symptoms. You may feel nausea, indigestion and sleeplessness for strong craving of nicotine.
  • There may be some depression in your part. You have to face these bravely just for few days.

quit-smoking-tipsIf you undertake some program or formula in quitting the smoking habit, you must be careful to avoid nicotine replacement products like inhaler, lozenge, patch or gum which contain nicotine. Then there is no use in quitting smoking, because your body would get the same level of nicotine. Use those products only which are free of nicotine.

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