The toughest thing that a smoker finds is to quit smoking! They try hard but they cannot stop smoking because of so many withdrawal symptoms that start arising in your body when you quit the butt. Anxiety is the most visible symptom in a smoker when he quits smoking. How to quit smoking without anxiety? Since smoking always supported you when you were tensed or had something very exciting, but now without the effect of nicotine your body becomes restless and there is some kind of anxiety in you during tensed hours. You crave for a puff at such anxious moments and that poor land up with smoking again.
anxietyIt is very east to quit smoking without anxiety. Anxiety is very much psychological than hormonal. Therefore you need to build your will power a little to fight the anxiety and keep cool. Whatever happens, just keep in mind that you are not going to die! So keep cool. You may not know but there are few simple things that you can do to kill that anxiety. Take a hot bath if you are in home, or take a walk or try some kind of massage on your head. Meditation is another way to beat that stress and anxiety.