Once you stop smoking you can feel the difference in your body. Stop smoking benefits are numerous.
break-smokingThe common benefits that people know about quit smoking are – a good lifestyle, safe lungs, throat and oral cavity and healthy appetite. But there are so many benefits of stop smoking which you don’t know. If you quit the butt you are doing not only well to yourself but whole family. The passive smoke is harmful for your children, wife and other family members.

Here are some more benefits of stop smoking-

  • You can spend more quality time with family.
  • The smoke of stale tobacco goes away forever.
  • Your skin, hair, teeth and nails are no longer infected by the nicotine.
  • Your stamina increases by manifolds.
  • You reduce chances of fatal heart attacks or other strokes.
  • Decreased risk of gangrene or amputation.
  • Very less chance of getting lung cancer.
  • Improve sperm fertility.
  • No coughing and panting.
  • Proper digestion and regular bowel movements