stop-smokingStop Smoking! Two simple words, but for a cigarette-dependent person, these words spell challenge.

Many smokers require quit smoking help. They would consult a doctor, try stop smoking aids, or even join a quit smoking support groups. But, armed with their desire to quit smoking, many still failed. They go back, and they come running home with smokes in their hands.

Many had been unsuccessful because of the power of nicotine. Nicotine is one powerful substance which will draw you into smoking habitually. This substance produces pleasurable and relaxing feelings which can influence a smoker to smoke especially during moments of stress and depression.  As the body adapts to nicotine, smokers will increase their cigarette consumption; thus increasing the amount of nicotine in their blood making them dependent or addictive to it.  And, if smokers are really not prepared and determined to kick this bad habit, you will eventually just give in and say, “Hey, I’m sorry but I just can’t stop!” Smokers who can’t handle the physical and psychological distress of smoking cessation will never conquer their stop smoking goal.

Another reason why quitting cigarette smoking is so hard is that there is no absolute technique which will work on all smokers. Experts will advise you one technique, and if a smoker is not improving then “Plan B” should immediately be directed.

The environment plays a key role in a person’s attempt to be smoke-free. Smokers should avoid places with cigarettes in sight or person smoking near them. Smokers can simply be tempted to go back to their old habit once they have easy access to things they are addicted to. That is why, it is important for their friends and family members to be vigilant and aware of the former smoker’s situation.

Many smokers will agree that quitting is easier said than done. With cigarettes being so accessible in our society, discontinuing this habit is a real challenge for smokers. Those with extra will, determination, and self-control will survive and succeed the battle against smoking.

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